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Honking Gives Me Mixed Signals

WHY DO CARS in Croatia honk at me? A couple of possible explanations.

Cars honk. Or so do their drivers. This happens to me very frequently in Croatia. More frequently than in other countries. I’ve come up with a few thoughts:

  • Bok! Ciao! Kako si! *honk*
  • Hey, I’d really like to help you and all, but I don’t really care to stop, so… *honk*
  • Are you looking to shop groceries? Theres no supermarket this way unfortunately… *honk*
  • Beware friendo! You’re on a road for cars! On a bike! *honk*
  • What the hell are you doing there! Get a car! *honk*
  • It’s winter. You’re crazy. *honk*

I’m still not sure what it’s all about, but I can only say: Instead of honking, please stop and offer me a ride (although I probably won’ t take it, but it would be nice). Please roll down your window and give me a thumb respectively a middle finger (depending on personal preference). Please offer me accommodation, drink and food (ok that’s just unrealistic). Anyways, please don’t honk aimlessly! It gives me all kinds of mixed signals!


PS: Of course the first thing I always check is myself: Does my appearance give reason to honk? Is there something falling of my bike? Am using too much space on the lane? Normally, neither is the case, which gives me reason to wonder.

PPS: DISCLAIMER: This text may contain sarcasm. I like Croatians and their mentality. And of course there are Croatians who also travel by bike, let alone use it in their everyday. Long live the Austrian-Croatian friendship!

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