Travel on two wheels

Three Improvements for Next Time

WITH EVERY JOURNEY, you learn. Gear-wise, there are a few upgrades on my radar:


1. A MORE COMFORTABLE SLEEPING MAT. My current model (picture) is a 3 mm iso mat with aluminium foil on one side. For summer, this works. For winter, it was the wrong choice. I could feel the cold of the ground through my sleeping bag, which made for some very uncomfortable nights. Plus, with a sleeping mat this thin you always have to find soft ground (meadow), which was not always available. On the other hand, you will not find a lighter and cheaper solution than this: 70g, 4,99€.


2. PORTABLE KEYBOARD. I really enjoyed writing the blog, but I barely found any computers on the way. The ideal solution for mobile journalism would be: an iPhone bluetooth-linked to a portable keyboard. Combined with an SD adapter for the (newer) iPhone and of course an internet SIM card, this would make for a great on-the-go setup.


3. SUN SCREEN. For obvious reasons.

Apart from that:

INSULATING SHOE INLETS. To avoid cold feet. Got this idea from velorosio​.
SPARE BATTERIES. One for each device. Special kinds like those darned button batteries are available in few countries only.
MONEY BELT. For extra safety, although I did not have any bad experiences.
SEPARATE SOAPS. I bought this fancy biodegradable outdoor all round soap, but I forgot it in Ljubljana on day two. Therefore: Separate soap for body and dishes.

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