Travel on two wheels

Sleeping on Top of the World

MY MOST SPECTACULAR camp up to this point. Above Kotor fjord, beneath the stars. It was worth the climb. (16/02/15)



“It’s already got the mountains in its name”, said my host Petar in Dubrovnik. Today I’m entering a new country: Montenegro. After the border, the landscape immediately changes, rock formations rise into the sky, the sea fills the gaps between and makes for stunning reflections.


My legs seem to work independently from my mind, which is relaxing; it gives you time to think about stuff.

My body condition has improved over the last two weeks. My legs seem to work independently from my mind, which is relaxing; it gives you time to think about stuff. As long as the body is provided with energy, it works sort of like a machine. And pedalling through the sceneries of Montenegro is truly rewarding.



To climb or not to climb
The hardest decision of the day is whether to climb up the serpentine road behind Kotor. The other option: Taking the easy way through a tunnel and back to the coast. But I’ve seen a lot of coast the last couple of days. I don’t want to miss out on what makes Montenegro so special: the mountains. So I decide for the challenge, I decide for the climb. Of course not without buying a huge bar of chocolate at a gas station first–as an energy boost for emergencies.


The single lane mountain road climbs with a steady gradient and provides stunning views from every point. Although the sun is already setting, I manage get a couple of minutes more daylight as I get higher and higher.

After serpentine #26, I decide to call it a day. Cooking parboiled rice out of a plastic bag (delicious!), I pitch my tent in this stunning panorama setting. I leave it open on one side so I can look at the stars while falling asleep.


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