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Damn Good Advice (2)


I never thought this would be possible, but I’m fed up with pasta. I’ve simply had too much of it lately. My friend Albi gave me some advice on alternative nutrition.

  • Lentils. They’re great. They make you full and give you a lot of energy. Red lentils are cooked quickly and they’re simple to make.”
  • Parboiled rice. It’s quicker to cook. Add vegetables and you’re good to go.”

  • Nuts. They provide fat and energy. And they’re natural. Get the half kilo bag of cashews from Lidl.”


Albi is a camera wizard and food aficionado. We used to play in a band. He is on YouTube.

  • Vegetables. Buy stuff from the markets. Out of ‘5 a day’ you should have at least three portions of vegetables.”

  • Chia seeds. They’re a food miracle. Add a spoon full to your cereals or something else. The seeds swell up in your belly making you feel full, plus they’re packed with like 20 vitamins, it’s crazy.”

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