Travel on two wheels

When nothing goes right, go left. Or just go biking.

MAYBE YOU’VE HEARD this quote before. At least the first part. Now, why do I bike? An attempt of explanation.

Scotland beach

  1. I don’t call myself an “adventurer”. I’ll leave that to the books and movies and their heroes. I go on bike trips, not adventures. Otherwise I could easily be disappointed if adventure just doesn’t come round. And after all, what is adventure?
  2. I go biking when everything goes right. At least that’s how it’s been hitherto. I don’t see a point in leaving a (potentially) wrecked life behind me with lots of unresolved business. I’d much rather finish all my stuff (be it work-related or otherwise) before I embark with a light mind, knowing that I somewhat “deserve” to be on vacation after  periods of work and study.
  3. I’m not an athlete. For me, sports is just a welcome side effect of biking. I love biking when I have a set destination, not a set countdown.
  4. I don’t count miles. I had times when I would go mountain biking a lot, accurately recording my track data and heart rate. Today I’m quite indifferent about these things. I will bring a tachometer with me on my trip, and I will take a look at my mileage per day. But I certainly don’t give a squirrel’s fart about my average speed. I do want to arrive after some while, so I will adjust my pace accordingly.
  5. I’m looking for stories. For this blog, for my diary, or just to tell my grandchildren. For me, it’s about those encounters at the side of the road, the people who give me directions or just a smile.
  6. I don’t mind being alone. OK, this depends. I’d consider myself a social person, so I need people around from time to time. But generally, I can be left to my own without major existential crises. Normally.
  7. You can do what I do. It’s not an achievement to sit on your bike and pedal for a while. You just need the will and the curiosity. You can bring friends, or not. But do bring food. Without food, it’s just not as fun.

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