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Only Bad Cleather


NORWEGIANS ARE KNOWN for precision and quality in everything they do. (As my girlfriend is Norwegian, I approve this stereotype.) Today I learned that Norwegians also do quite a good job predicting the weather. So if you’re interested in accurate weather forecasts and your name is not Niklas Sieger, you might wanna check out, the Norwegian weather service. (There’s an English version, don’t worry.)

Why not any other weather page?

The reasons I use are 

  • it offers precise weather information either hour-by-hour or long term (up to 9 days)
  • it shows climate statistics and charts to each location
  • it knows the weather for pretty much every place in the world

The fact it’s a Norwegian site is just a coincidence. Or faith.

PS: My first stop, Maribor, will welcome me at +2°C (convert to F). Cozy!

PPS: The title is a quote from Ylvis’ genius song, The Cabin. Check it out.

Only Bad Cleather

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