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My Route Got Better and Longer


I spent last night working on a little something on Here’s a more detailed version of my route – now extended to Greece.

HAVE YOU EVER watched a Karl May film? Then you should drop everything right now and watch all of them. Or at least the major three. Or at least one. Actually, this trailer will do:

As an old Karl May connaissant you will know that most of the Karl May films were shot on location in Ex-Yugoslawia, namely Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegowina and Montenegro. Those sceneries combined with Martin Böttcher’s melodies are evergreens of the 20th century Western. Just beautiful landscapes.

I arranged my (still provisory) route accordingly. 

Coming from Graz, passing through Maribor and leaving Zagreb to the left, I will ride through

  • Plitvic lake national park,image
  • Una national park,image
  • Vrlika,image
  • and Omiš (all Croatia).image


Let’s not forget about the fact that this is a winter bike ride. It might be Southern Europe, but I am expecting to freeze my butt off occasionally. So I had the idea of cycling to the Southernmost point of Europe’s main land, Mani in Greece.


Geographically, we’re talking South of Tunis, Africa (!). Mani forms the Peleponnes peninsula’s tip and it has a brutal history. In the early years, it was a custom to start and maintain feuds, i.e. killings of hostile families, which led to the peninsula becoming less and less populated. Today it’s peaceful though (allegedly). 

Crete is just one ferry ride away from Mani, and of course many other Greek islands, but this totally depends on my remaining time.

Do I expect to feel like Winnetou or Old Shatterhand riding through those landscapes? Maybe. Will it be like in the movies? Hopefully. But honestly, doesn’t it all depend on the weather? It could also look like this.


[Pics © Wikipedia Commons]

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