Travel on two wheels

Training: Mödling – Wr. Neustadt (40 km)

Today was a beautiful day so I had to get on the bike and finally riding again. I haven’t been biking too much in the last couple of weeks because I was sick two times… that sucked, obviously.

So I finally got around to test my new iPad mini as a navigator! It worked without any issues, as expected.

  • I still need a basically bombproof handle bar mount for the iPad. The way I put it in the map holder of my handle bar bag, it wasn’t secure at all. So I’ll be looking for something in that direction.
  • Second thing is the missing case. I want a waterproof one, preferably the LifeProof fré, which is still not available for the iPad with Retina display yet. Hopefully it will be released soon. Otherwise I’ll have to get the one for the iPad mini without Retina. There is only a 0.3mm discrepancy between the two versions. Some users have reported successful application. 
  • Battery life worries me too. The iPad has got a long lasting battery, but the (turn by turn!) Google Maps bike navigation managed to almost half out of it. That is however at maximum brightness and with spotify playing in the background. 
    By using an offline map (OpenStreetMap probably), I will definitely be able to optimize battery cycles. And without turn by turn navigation of course. All I need is a blue dot on the freaking map that tells me where I am. Period. Should work!

Anyways, about my little tour today: I went along the Thermenradweg (a cyclepath along a canal). On the course of 40 kilometers, the atmosphere of this canal changes constantly: from abandoned industrial facilities to suburbian neighborhoods to—a restricted military area. The latter of which you can still access, but you have to stay on the cycling path exclusively. No big deal really.

I kept up an average speed of exactly 20 kph. I’m not really that much into the numbers, but I’m satisfied with this one. Despite my training break, I felt good on the bike.

Google Maps route of this ride

Looking forward to my next training ride! 

Edit: One of the coolest things today was that I met a guy named Donát in the train back! He had just finished building his very own custom cargo-carrying bicycle he had been working on for months! It was great talking to him, as he gave me valuable advice on my tour as well. Awesome!


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