Travel on two wheels

My ride.

As I’ve already begun to talk material and equipment, it is my honor to present my two-wheeled horse to you.

I got my KTM Life Space in September 2013. It was a rational decision to get a reliable trekking bike instead of a high end mountain or road bike, both of which would have also interested me. In the end I wanted a practical, versatile bike for daily commuting as well as multi-day touring. A bike I can ride with whatever clothes and shoes I’m wearing. I don’t wanna look like a freaking astronaut when I’m riding. Unless I choose to.

So let’s talk components—in no particular order:

  • Busch+Müller LUMOTEC Lyt front light. It works like a charm. Back light also Busch+Müller. Both lights feature a stand light function.
  • Hub dynamo by Shimano—it will serve as a power supply to my iPad mini which I am planning on using as a navigation device. This will however require me to invest a few extra bucks in electrical hardware. The “USB-Werk” by Busch+Müller is supposed to do the job here, taking the DC current from the dynamo and transforming it into AC with an appropriate tension. A built-in USB port allows you to connect any charging cable.
  • Brakes are V-brakes by Shimano, which of course does not compare to the hydraulic versions by Magura, but they do a sufficient job.
  • Saddle is stock, but super comfy. Ass will hurt anyway. Have mercy on those cheeks.
  • Gear shift and levers are Shimano Deore LX. I haven’t had any issues on that matter hitherto (always wanted to use that word). 27 gears are more than enough for some efficient shift work. I’m quite satisfied with these components.
  • The fork and the saddle feature suspension, which adds some extra comfort.
  • Pedals will be changed to SPD click pedals.
  • Tires are Continental with puncture protection, however I am planning to get a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Monde. They’ve got more profile.
  • Lowrider (a luggage carrier for the front wheel) is still to be added. But I already got one on another bike which I can use.


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