Travel on two wheels

As I’ve been into cycling for some time now, I already have a range of equipment. One thing I had been missing were touring bike shoes. I wanted a rigid, durable shoe that is also good for walking, at least for medium distances. Finding a fitting pair wasn’t easy as I have humongous feet, but these SHIMANO shoes suit me perfectly. I hope they will last for many kilometers to come.

The cleat (the metal plate connecting the shoe to the pedal) is completely hidden in the sole of the shoe, avoiding damage by walking. The SPD click pedals as well as the cleats I took from my mountain bike, on which both have been used up to this point.

While these shoes are neither water- nor windproof (I will wear additional rain covers for that purpose), they do offer great air circulation, which will definitely pay off. Toes will be freezing anyway. I can deal.


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